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Here is what some of our clients have to say about our services.

Tom can set up your new computer, get your network running and have you on the net in a flash. He knows computers inside and out. Best of all he knows what to do, how to get it done and then helps you understand the process so that you can help yourself. I have really learned a lot from having him help us out.

S.K.- Attorney


Some of Belly's WiFi FansBelly General Store is extremely grateful to have worked with TaoTek. Finding professional integrity and the finest customer service in one company is rare. Tom Kellen is the master at balancing Technology and Life. Watching my customers smile and linger in the store has not only brought more business, but is a dream come true! Thank you for the WiFi set up TomCat!

M.Manning, Owner
Belly General Store
Midtown Atlanta


Our company was struggling to coordinate between offices in Miami and Atlanta. We ran across the product Daylite and tried to set it up by ourselves and ran into nothing but frustration. Tom helped us with these problems with first an onsite visit and then a follow-up phone call. With his guidance we were able to set up a robust and fast VPN between the offices and now we can use Daylite without frustration. It was a pleasant surprise that not only was Tom knowledgeable and dedicated he was also easy going and fun to work with.

Doug Peterson, Head of Technical Services
Capature Integration


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